I come from a household where meat is eaten generally with almost every meal. When I first decided to become vegetarian, my parents were less than thrilled about finding alternatives for my already picky diet. After some time, though, they have become much more supportive of my choice. My question to you is, how supportive have your parents been?

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I became vegetarian when I was only nine years old, so my mom thought it would only be a short term thing, a phase, but still she was quite suportiv. My dad tryed to talk me into eating meat a few times but other than that he was okay with it to:)

I told my parents, and being a very spiritual family, they were supportive of my choice, seeing more health benefits of not eating meat. Sometimes they get upset during celebrations when I can't eat some traditional Russian food, but I am being really gentle with them and buying soy products which they can use for me instead of meat. I became iron deficient after a while of being a vegetarian, so Dad was a bit upset about that, but now it's okay. They realize that they have to spend less money for me food wise, and they go out and buy vegetables and substitutes for me :)

I expected them to be completely weirded out, but my Mum actually said she is a semi-vegetarian, and Dad was glad that I started eating much healthier haha

Every family is different, but you walk your own journey, and if someone does not support your footsteps, keep walking forward, you will walk your path the way you need to.


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