The Bill Gates appreciation group‏


The Bill Gates appreciation group‏

Many people are cynical of Bill Gates motives for his philanthropic work, but I think that it is marvellous that he devotes so much of his own resources to the benefit of others. Recently he has come to realise the importance of increasing veganism for helping people, animals and the environment and is doing much work to help speed the transition. But I have not formed this group just because he has adopted veganism as an important issue ( I, myself, only prioritise promoting increasing veganism because, as far as I can see, it would do more to reduce suffering in this world than any other issue) - his whole portfolio of help for others deserves recognition. Some people are cynical of his motives - they say that vaccination and GM food that he currently supports do more harm than good. Perhaps they do - I do not have enough knowledge or expertise to judge, but I am sure his motives are well intentioned even if the information he has received on these issues have caused him to be mistaken on their benefits. I'm sure that if it could be proven that these things are more harmful that beneficial he would stop promoting them - so if anyone has any solid information proving as such perhaps they can inform me so that I can see if I can also inform him.
To say that Bill Gates is promoting veganism to create more demand for GM crops is silly as increasing veganism will reduce demand for vegetable crops and Bill Gates is aware of this. Indeed,universal veganism would mean that we would need to grow so much less plant crops for food that using GM crops would be pointless - the only case for using them despite their possible unknown dangers is because it is argued that we could not grow enough food for everyone without them, and this would not be the case if everyone was vegan, even with a much higher world population than at present.

I think Gates also deserves credit for addressing issues which are currently causing suffering but which other people would regard as taboo - he is trying to help the hundreds of millions of people who do not have access to suitable toilet facilities to gain access to them and he is also financing research into improving the toilet - there has been little improvement to the operation of the toilet since its invention about 300 years ago. See;

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