Firstly id like to say hi to everyone that has joined (thanks)

so my question is what do you think about spirits,

do you think they exist?

do you think there is more then a few dimensions on this world that we are unaware of

what do you think of this vid (if you get spooked easy, probably not a wise idea to see it)

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I didn't watch the video. I am a believer in souls. Spirits are souls without bodies.
Which I believe in.
Physics says there are multiple deminsions. I believe in other less obvious life exsiting in tandem with us.

I agree with you Tiffany, but i wonder why we don't see them more frequently.

Personally I have never seen any as yet, but i have heard experiences from many people, which makes it hard to tar it a figment of someones imagination.

Good to be here :)

I've always been interested in spirits- sometimes I believe in them, sometimes I really want to or need to. I visited the Myrtle Plantation, and Nat Geo and a bunch of other people couldn't disprove the pictures and say the haunted mirror there, which is pretty crazy.

Hey Lauren :)

I think with me it is out of sight out of mind, I would love to hear more on your experiences at Mayrtle plantation :) x

// something interesting

You yourselves are spirits dudes! Do you walk eat shit fart? Can a piece of shit walk eat shit fart like you do? Do you have a mind that can think?  Can a software in the computer think like your mind does?


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