i've been major obsessed with both since they both came out and own pretty much all the merch i can get my hands on. 

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awesome! how stoked are you for season 9? i can hardly wait 

Im hoping that this new season doesn't re-use so many of the same old cliche's they have used in previous seasons. I think it's going to be different the next couple seasons as they are guaranteed that they are going until atleast season 9 so it won't be a whole push to shove to kill the character in a dramatic way and than bring them back in an unexplained "one year later" type of deal-io

i have to ask, what's your opinion on destiel/wincest? i will admit i kind of go a little crazy for destiel more so in the soulmate/family type of way but i have been known to read some great destiel smut fanfics hahah

not big on the wincest though. but to each their own :)

and yeah as for meg i thought their little romance arc was pretty cute, it was a good light to shine on her because i had come to hate her before that and afterwards i appreciated her
And i am so stoked to see more of crowley, i adore him

I making my boyfriend watch Supernatural currently. I love the show. He says its ok ,but I think its only because he is a good guy. 

hopefully it grows on him, it will probably take the first three seasons atleast until he's hooked 


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