What comic books (and other forms like graphic novels, mangas, etc) are you currently reading or looking into?

So far, I'm just reading Animal Man under the New 52. I am also reading Grant Morrison's old stuff on him. It's an AMAZING series; one of DC's best currently running and I suggest everyone check it out!

I've also been told Swamp Thing has a good run right now; so do the Avengers, Batgirl and Batwoman.

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Just got the DC and marvel apps on my phone got some flash and green lantern comics so far.

Oooh :D Well let's see- I'm reading Kurozuka- which is just a really crazy manga- which I  might not continue, lol. I've been reading that and watching the anime Deadman Wonderland online. Before Kurozuka I was reading the rest of Alice 19th online, just because the bookstore never carries them all at once.

I should try some DC comics sometime :)

oh gosh manga's and anime always. Um too many to list but my favourite has to be the ARIA series

I'm reading Yotsuba& right now. I tend to read a lot of manga and light novels, recently I've read BLEACH, Ouran High School Host Club and Nichijou :)

I've got vol 2 - 7 of fables ready for me to crack open :) not read any manga for a while though. 

only Japanese. currently follow Naruto, One Piece and Bleach

I used to read mangas a lot, i have like 1000 books in my library.

I still read Bleach and Yamato nadeshiko shichi henge. Both are my favorite mangas. I also enjoyed Battle Royale a lot, it's really dark. 

For "really dark" there is Berserk, going on since the late 80s

yeah that's right.

In term of mangas, I've all the Bleach and One Piece volumes and I'm still following the weekly chapters that are coming out, they are just masterpieces and my two favourite mangas. ( although Bleach slowly loses in term of quality compared to what it used to be imo) I'm also following Naruto even though I almost completely lost interest in this one....

At the moment I'm trying different anime and I've got to say that there've been wonderful ones in the recent months:

- Shingeki No Kyojin => ufffff PERFECT!

-Tokyo Ghoul => only 2 episodes now but it's promissing.

I use to read some mangas, but stoped when I discovered comic books :)

About manga I already read death note or battleroyale, but i miss some masterpiece like Berserk or Lone wolf and cub... In comics, I'm an absolute fan of mike Mignola's work, Hellboy is my bible, in term of drawings and story telling.

Actually I'm on one of his best album "The conqueror Worm" and I'm rereading Watchmen by Allan Moore.

@Fabrice: I NEED to read shingeki no kyojin, or watch the anime!

Concerning Shingeki No Kyojin I would advise you to start by the anime and then catch with the story reading the manga simply because the anime adaptation is flawless. In term of quality (drawings and story telling) it is comparable to Full Metal Alchemist which is my favourite short anime. In terms of animation I've never seen something that beautiful and it will be worth your while 

1 minute trailer for those who don't know the series => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGRm4IzK1SQ


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