Who is your favorite superhero and why? Or who is your favorite super villain and why? Or just make a list if you can't make up your mind. ;)

My favorites are: Animal Man, Batman, and the Flash (Wally!). I also think Black Canary is a great super heroine too. (Yes I'm aware that these are all DC characters.) My favorite super villain is definitely Poison Ivy, who eventually ends up being the ultimate vegan later in life since she becomes part plant and doesn't even need to eat anymore!

What about you guys? :3

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Green lantern is my favorite but then there's the flash, Superman ,Batman and Spok! I'm a big trekkie here.

Which Lantern? I'm most accustomed to Jon Stewart and Hall Jordan. :3

I'm a huge trekkie too! I've only seen TOS and TNG in depth though. Spock is one of my faves...and so is Data. Data is so adorable. XD

Hal Jordan and john Stewart too! A trekkie yes! Your awesome! I'm a big dork I've even got a communicator badge tattoo on my chest. I love all the star treks even voyager.

Batman is my favorite superhero. Poison Ivy is my favorite supervillain. (;

I'd say Wormwood and Invincibles if that's a valid answer :'3  Favourite Villain? Hmm ...  I guess it'd be Anakin Skywalker  ( Darth Vader ) from the Star Wars comics.

Right now for me its all about GOW! I love Kratos. He is my favorite hero and villain. Then of course Batman, Superman. I love the Joker and Harley. Another Trekkie here, no I don't think its more PC to say trekker. I know all the girls were supposed to swoon over Riker but I preferred Picard.

Trekkies rule!

actually, true star trek fans are called trekkers!

You never heard Gene Roddenberrys speech when he told someone" its trekkies not trekkers I should know I invented the thing"

at conventions they are called trekkers.  I called myself a trekkie and was immediately corrected. I even met George Takei who said we were trekkers

I have a Star Fleet Academy class ring.  I have numerous autographs and pictures from conventions.  One thing I am sure of is that Star Trek fans, no matter of which series (I'm a definite TNG), are called trekkers, not trekkies.  Just an FYI.

Oh, BTW, I am a HUGE Deanna Troi fan!


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