What are your favorite TV series? What are you currently watching?

I think my favorite TV series is a mix of Star Trek (TNG/TOS), Doctor Who, Batman the Animated Series, Firefly and The Big Bang Theory.

Currently I'm watching Avatar: the Last Airbender with my boyfriend and The Big Bang Theory.

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You named my favorites! Can you sing soft kitty to me?hehe. Firefly rocks! Got them all on DVD. I wish it would have lasted longer.

I wish Firefly lasted longer too! When my boyfriend and I went to the Firefly Con a few years ago, he got a lot of signatures from the actors on his Firefly complete set. x3

One of the most under rated shows.

Any Game of Thrones fans? :-)

Yes! I got an app on my phone that has all the episodes.

Lucky you!

Can't wait for season 2 :-)

Not sure what type of cell you have. But its in the Android market I seen you're in Germany so I'm not sure they have that there

I've got a Blackberry (and they usually have really crappy apps) :-)

I had a blackberry too. I had to switch to droids I couldn't stand blackberry the only thing good was the blackberry messenger. My next phone is the iPhone I hear its pretty good;)

GOT is one of the finest and most unpredictable shows i have ever seen... one of my favourites

I like TBBT as well

I'm a huge fan of the Walking Dead series.  New season begins tonight actually!  Anyone else a fan of this show? 

Dear lord, you're great Melissa. you should join the horror movie group as well. hint hint.


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