Why is it so difficult to find someone that is vegetarian  :(

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it's also certainly cause vegetarian way of life is either not well know nor well accepted in full of societies. Therefore our responsabilities is to show to people what's vegetarianism.

Hi Nanni, that's interesting what you said and this week you are the second persons from whom i listened that "let love find you"!

It's beautifull. But if love takes an eternity to find you... 

ok! Really talking about eternity i was joking!!! But tell me what kind of philosophy do you enjoy reading?

I really appreciate your way of thinking! It's looks like think positive or anything else...

I am happy to see like minded discussion here. Thank God, I am not alone here!

Just like good things come at a price a good person comes after sometime just keep going don't bow down with some compromising situation otherwise you'll regret for life.


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