Why is it so difficult to find someone that is vegetarian  :(

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It can always be worse!
I'm a middle age *vegan* (that's right: middle age *AND* vegan), living in a small town in the Ohio midwest, working at a place where there's only one guy (who already has a girlfriend) and I don't even have a car to get out of here to try to meet people on weekends lol
Sigh....welcome to my lonely vegan life!
But I would rather be a lonely vegan than a popular carnivore, anyday!

In middle age, it's already very hard to meet people who aren't already married (or screwed up in the head with some serious issues.) Add veganism to the equation and it's almost impossible.


Although I agree with your feelings and understand, I personally feel that age is just a number. Having compassion with fellow living beings makes me forever young!

As long as you life a vegan life, the whole world is with you :-)

excepted the whole world of carnivore who are going to hate you too

Chris, that doesn't matter if u don't have a car.  You can go somehow to the bigger town or place to meet someone.:) Maybe to find on a internet men who is vegan but from another city. Why not to try.

True, I'm trying what I can to change my life for the better, to make friends. It's a difficult siuation.

I agree to Chris totally. I'm afraid the reason is the age. I'm 48 and live in Berlin. On protests I get to know many other vegans, but less in my age. And when they are married or in a relationship.

I can imagine that it's more difficult to find a vegan partner in small towns.

I also prefer to stay single than to meet a carnivore. I can't love a persons who supports what I try to fight.

Indeed, veganism is becoming more popular everyday but it was virtually unheard of when I was a child, so there are fewer middle age vegans out there. Of course I would date a younger vegan or vegetarian man and i'd even date a carnivore who aspires to vegan/vegetarianism...but such a person is not in this town. (I don't actually live in Dayton. I'm 45 minutes away from it)
I think our only hope, Vegan Berlin, is to meet someone online and move to where they are...even if it's Antarctica lol

Stephan you are saying right

It's far worse than you might think!

I’m a middle-age wannabe vegan, living in my head south of subtopia, surrounded by women I can barely stand, and I don’t have the courage of my convictions to run after “a glimmering girl / with apple blossom in her hair” (William Butler Yeats).

Sigh… Groan… Grunt…!

But I’ve learned to bask in my veg oblivion every day! In middle age the odds are stacked against me bumping into ladies who aren’t already spoken for (or claim to be just because they have serious issues with my face). Factor atheism into the equation and I’ll get long in the tooth playing solitaire.

(With apologies to Chris for this copycat reply.)

Lol, Noy :) Yeah, no doubt athiesm would add to the challenge. I belong to my own religion, what I call 'all religions & no religions,' and it doesnt help my situation lol cause nobody gets it..
It's an oxymoron, that's why! Heck, most of them wouldn't know what an oxymoron is if it punched them in the face.
Hey guys I think it's alalways the same situation.am used to it by being along in my life, first I never mind of being with any woman respect to what she might be but most almost all have the problem with me of being a vegan.in 6 years I only see 1 vegetarian in my little town. But hope will meet the right vegetarian one day.


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