It is approaching 3 years ago now that i created this group
because there was not a singles group here. in that time many
have joined... and i hope that it has helped some of you connect.
if anyone has any input or suggestions on making this group more
functional for finding matches... i would love to hear about it!
i can tell from the comments that im not the only one still single
and searching... so i would be open to all your ideas!
you can comment here... or send me a message. thanks!
and all the best! to you all! THANKS FOR BEING VEG*!!!!!! <3

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Hey, Cactushugger!

I have joined this group about a year ago, but have not known anyone yet.

Maybe it would be useful for members if we could arrange to meet in a chat room.

Best wishes,


You mean separate chatroom form groups? If you see the main chatroom hardly anyone use it. Maximum members you see at a point will be 10 or 14. My question is why don't the people of this group use the main chat room?  

Sorta wondering the same thing. Also i like many ideas with multiple chat rooms, for groups for example.

Imagine a village within a virtual world where your avatar could wander from chat room to chat room. Some Chat rooms are stores, some are hang out spots and maybe your Avatar could talk or have its own cat capability.. lol, or whatever. Thanks for a good enough Vegan site, there seem to be far too few.

hi wht time u r in chat room..

Yes, please help create a way to reply to each specific post. Thanks


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