I've been vegetarian for 8 months now and one day soon i will venture into veganism. One thing I've noticed though is that where I live in England,Surrey, it seems as though I'm the only vegetarian and it feels like I'm fighting a loosing battle. So I'm just looking for like minded people who have the same interests as me. I like speaking and getting to know new people and if I do get to know anyone around my area that would be awesome. I love nature, animals, music, reading, films, games, philosophy, art, cooking, writing and many other wonderful and interesting things. If you'd like to speak, then just message me c:

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Hi Robert and other vege/vegan friends,
from HK, gal, devoted yoga student. Interested in nature, animals, making raw food, gluten free goodies, meditation, anything that brings in passion to life....people with passion is the most blessed beings....always searching for the true purpose for me to exist in this world at this moment.
Hope to chat with all of you who are passionate on one thing or another and the reason.
Would like to know your reasons of turning into vegetarian/vegan diet.
Hope to make some real good friends here to support the journey.

My light in me bow to the light in you,


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