My name is Liliana, I'm 32 years old and I've been a vegetarian for 15. I'm from Portugal, and I don't know a lot of vegetarians, so I came here to meet people that share this, that is so important to me.

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Hi Liliana :)
Yes, having like-minded friends is so important and pleasant. I am now in Tasmania and soon have picnic with new veggie friends. I am a traveler, and hope to visit Portugal in the future :)
All the best in finding good friends here :)

Thank you! =) Come, it is a great country to visit.

Hi Liliana, that's fantastic. Keep up the good spirit.

Thank you =)

Hi =)

What is a Lindy hop and a Boogie Woogie event?

Oh yes, silly of me. They are great! =)

Nice....Wel come India once...You will go crazy with Veg food world...

Yeah, I know. Just saw an hindu mariage on tv. But well I've been to indian restaurants and I love it. Except one time that the food was so hot that I could not eat it.

You're on the right path.


Hi Matilda,

Thank you. I have very few, and not that friends that I see almost everyday. Fortunately everyone respects my options =)

Ola Liliana and Hi all!!

Like liliana i don't know many vegetarian/vegan people thats why i joined this group..  I'm Portuguese but i live in Dublin.


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