I grew up in NYC, but live in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. The city I live in (Asheville) is an amazing place for veggies/vegans.

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Hello! I'm from Brazil (sorry my lousy English).
I live in the south, where the meat tradition is very strong. Few vegan places and options at the market. I'm glad for this oportunity of making veggie friends, even virtual ones :)

Hey Barbara,

Thanks for starting this discussion:) I'm am from NEPAL

Greetings from one of Manila's northern suburbs. While there's a handful of veggie joints in the capital, to my knowledge there isn't a vegetarian community in the Philippines and I'm always the odd man out. Or perhaps I'm a breed apart? 

Hi, I'm English presently living in rural Spain. Great for fresh veggies !! 

I am from Perak, Malaysia and currently studying in Penang, Malaysia. Malaysia, being a multiracial and multicultural country, is a food hub, and thankfully, I shall say that Malaysia is veggie-friendly with an abundance of veggie outlets (mainly Chinese and Indian outlets).

I'm Jyothsna, an Indian (where there are abundant resources to capitalise and sustain on a fulfilling vegetarian/vegan meal). I have been brought up in Dubai, UAE, where, due to the presence of a large Indian expatriate population, vegetarian food is remarkably easy to come by

Duplin County, NC I I lived in Hickory, NC for about 6 months and it was wonderful! Great vegan food almost everywhere!

Hi!  I'm portuguese but i live in Dublin..

I'm from Belgium and the city I live in is called Liège. It's quite a nice city although it's not really veg friendly yet! :)

Bonjour du Québec! J'ai visité la. Belgique il y a deux ans déjà, alors que je commençais à peine à être végétarienne. J'y ai mangé mes derniers fruits de mer.... Dans un resto turc ou grec à GAND LOL

Heya ;)

Just found this group and thus this "discussion" ... I am living in the North West of Germany right now. I have lived in York, UK and just long to go back there at some point!

However, being vegan ist a bit easier in this German city than in those places I've seen in England. There are quite a few vegan restaurants, vegan bakeries, grocery stores selling many vegan products for well affordable prices etc. - and all this despite the fact that this city isn't too big with about 300,000 inhabitants, so worth a visit (in this country best known for its stupid saussages which is a shame)

Theresa, did you see this vidéo where they feed VEGETARIAN sausage to German soldiers without them knowing,,, and they think it's delicious meat, LOL


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