Hi friends;

I am glad to find a group like this. It is rather rare.
I am 40 yrs old from India belonging to a non-veg eating community and I converted to being a veggie since about 5 yrs. Now, it has become very difficult to find a bride who prefers a veggie. I do not prefer non-veggies. 

This is a situation which stares at us. Feel free to share your thoughts on this, to share your personal situations or extend your friendship to know me more.

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hi. i know how you feel. all (but one) of my exs we meat eats and in most cases it did put a strain on the relationship. im at the point now were i dont want another relationship with a meat eater. i think the best thing is to just enjoy life and not to stress over it. the right person will come into your life sooner or later.

Thanks, Angie. 

Welcome Sunil!

I too could never think of getting into a serious relationship with a non-veg*n woman.

I suggest you search for a community group for your area in order to meet fellow like-minded people close to you. Or even make one, like I did, and invite all the appropriate people you can find.

I created a group for South African Veg*ns and found quite a few.

Good luck! ;)


Thanks, Dylan.

I know how you feel too, all my ex's have been meat eaters and now I'm not sure if I could handle it again as I did have a problem with it even though they were all accepting of my choice.

thats an excellent way of putting it, mark. i dont think you can build a home with such a massive differences.

True, Mark. I feel the meat eaters do not even think deep. 

You not a vegetable you r vegetarian. Feels stupid when people say m veggie...r u veggie.in other countries we say which vegies you feel like eating tonight?

Thanks, Jotika. I was beginning to feel like a veggie too. And veggies sure are tastier. 

Thanks a lot, bro. 

I am starting to feel old at 41. Maybe I am destined to be a loner in this lifetime. Maybe.

 Its better to stay lonely alone then feel lonely with your partner. If habits do not match then stars will also will not match.


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