I everyone! My name is Laura and I'm from Italy. Just wanted to kniw if someone else finds it difficult to go out on a date with a meat eater? I try to date a guy for a while but watching him eating meat used to make me kinda sick. Most of all I hated all the stupid question he asked about me being a vegan... why is it so difficilt to find an open minded meat eater?

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*hi :)
TO me its not about going out for dinner, its the value system that is fundamentally different...hence it just doesnt work on me. I am not going to judge others' diet habit, which is very personal, but i just wont be attracted to a meateater anyhow.
Two of relationships with hard core meat eaters started with their desire to give up meat. The only thing we gave up at the end was each other. :)

I have realized somehow many are addicted to meat. As an addict they find it real hard to give up and always have something to defend their argument.
Hi Laura,
No,it's not,nice,to go out with a meat eater. I've had the same problem, I've been vegetarian over half my life, and have never yet managed to find a vegetarian. So you just have to find a compromise, say date someone who isn't a big meat eater, and is willing to try the vegetarian foods. One of my ex,s didn't eat meat at home, just once a week when he went to his mums. So it can sort of be done..! I think maybe there are a lot more female veggies/ vegans then there are men. There are a couple of vegetarian dating sites, but just not a lot of men on them.
But,good luck anyway..jane :)
hi. wow your vegie and surviving in italy. iv got italian relitives and theyr all ocd bout eating meat and dont understand why i dont. iv gone out with meateaters and it depends on the guy. my last ex was dead respectfull and ate mostly vegie food when in my house and didnt 'rub' it in my face when we were out. but iv had other guys have a go at me for my vews and try and pressure me into eating meat. i think if hes a nice guy it wont be a prob. but untill socioty changes we are guna have to see others eating meat. i find i can ignor it when on others plates as long as it doesnt still look like the original animal.


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