Hey guys, I'm Renata from Portugal and I'm 23. I'm a university masters student plus acunputure and hipnosis student as well :) I turned vegetarian 2 months ago and found this website out of the blue so decided to sign up :) I would like to know if any of you being a vegetarian takes any supplements.. I just take b12 and was wondering if I needed to take iron as well.. 

Nice to meet you all Veggie Family :)


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Iron.., if you eat more of these regularly, I don't see a reason for supplements.
Dark green leafy vegetables, such as spinach
Dried fruit, such as raisins and apricots
Iron-fortified cereals, breads and pastas
Vitamin D might be an option, if you are not having enough sunshine exposure, which I doubt for you being in Portugal. Magnesium is pretty important too.

Nice to meet you too, welcome to veggie friends. :-)

Thank youuuuuuu

almost 4 years of being vegan, but I don't take vitamins/supplement, even B12 shots.

Almost 4 years of being vegan, but I don't take vitamins/supplement, not even B12 shots.
For iron, you just eat those vegetables mentioned below by lv.
I would say in general, there are two factors you can consider to address deficiency:
1) intake amount 2) absorption; I think if you combine it with regular exercise and minimizing sugary foods/drinks,
your body will be more efficient along the way. I am quite physically active guy (ultra-runs, mountain-runs, distant swimming) which logically demands more nutrients for body healing, but im not seeing the problem of deficiency.
In terms of health, the worst I got is just colds, which only happens when I drink so cold water after my activities.
Please continue your path now, as there are more things other than health or strength, and that is compassion to the planet, to other beings (animals). Cheers!

Thanks for your thoughts :) Do you do analysis regularly?

Olá Renate - Welcome!  I do not take any supplements even as a vegan, although some foods I eat are fortified with B12.  As far as iron, there are plenty of ways to get enough, especially with leafy greens.  Even a vegetarian version of caldo verde would be a good source of iron.  


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