I'm from Indiana. I'm just board, new to the site. I haven't met anyone from around here on this site yet....I think everyone is pretty spaced out.... location anyone?

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I'm from NYC originally currently living in Las Vegas. About the same here, haven't come across anyone in the local area yet and they seem to be fairly spread out at least from my initial findings.

good luck...i spent a summer in reno and met a bunch of different people.....love Nevada. I would figure for a big place that there would be more like minded people....

Yea theres definitely a variety of people, maybe i just need to get out a little more to meet some different people. I work at a military base so most of the people i know so far are of that culture which is fine and all but there aren't many vegetarians.

Hi Bobbi.

I'm from Durango, CO.

u ski?

Well I'm from Lisbon =)

Sweden. :) But feeling about tired of Sweden from time to time so maybe it is time to move. :) 

Sandy I'm tired from Portugal, do you want to change with me? =)

man... about= a bit... Det går bra nu, as we say in Sweden *lol*

How far where you from Darmstadt Olaf? I lived in Germany four four years when I was little. (Army Brat) but I was too little to remember a lot about it. 

some not enough to hold a conversation the simple stuff like good morning/thank you, ect... can't spell it either. ...I remember a beer delivery truck and candy trucks that used to come through town and deliver to houses...does that still happen or is it something that is out dated like the milk man? 

haha...no I don't do well in the cold.  lol someone placed me in the wrong state when I wasn't looking (maybe at birth) I like dry places....and sand. 


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