A series of lectures by various scientists, historians,theologians,humanists have tried to define what makes us human, what in your own opinion makes us human ?.

How do we define being human ? Are there rights we have above all living creatures ? What are the advantages and disadvantages to being human ?

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Thanks for the reply olaf. What I mean is being human we have a notably more of a supposedly higher moral nature, an apparent dominion over the animal kingdom. Our frontal lobes are also more developed ie our ability to make moral choices.

How do we define being human ?

human species in a particular species that are different than other animal species characterized by our body structure, genetics, intellectual capacity and so forth. our first qualification is that we are mammals and then it goes on to more specific from their through all species up to human species

Are there rights we have above all living creatures ?

I doubt it is a matter of rights. Like some Christians say we have dominion over the animals and it is our right and even duty to control and eat them. But this is not so. It actually goes without saying or without God's permission that we can eat animals. It is not a right, but it is an evident fact that in an absolute way, there is actually no right or wrong. Being right or wrong is something that we develop according to our relative relation to the world, though according to karma, by harming others, we do in fact suffer. This does not imply any absolute truth however because even being harmed can be viewed by the observer in a different way and what comes around goes around. So it is still relative, even though it is harmful.

So we have no rights, but we do have a duty to use our brain for the benefit of others.

What are the advantages and disadvantages to being human ?

One clear advantage is the ability to discriminate with wisdom. Animals have no such capacity. The disadvantage is that we do not use our wisdom always for betterment but often for detriment. This is our great fault and with great power comes great responsibility and also great mistakes which may be our down fall. Remember Icarus?

Somewhere i've read or heard about it that the Hu in Human means mist, so that actually Hu-mans are confused. I prefer to call us people anyway.


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