Jesus is a vegetarian/ vegan and even far more a deeper purist than that of an ordinary vegetarian or Jesus saintly values cannot be reduced to the vegetarian or vegan tradition alone because as we can observe today that some vegans drive a car or smoke or consume alcohol but Jesus would NOT for certain do any of these today but will mingle with the community and remain more sober minded at all times while constantly reciting the need for a better life. Jesus would welcome a vegetarian or vegan values BUT Jesus sees far beyond just being a vegetarian or vegan and away from financial greed and status seeking that you may even find amongst some vegetarians and vegans today.

Jesus is also further a sexual purist who never lust and has no notion of discrimination of any sort that you may also find amongst some vegetarians or vegans today BUT Jesus was not completely an idealist either and can see well beyond the imperfection of humanity and other creatures BUT saw humanity to be particularly divisive and responsible for the major problems of this world today.

Although Jesus highly welcomes the values of non cruelty and healthy lifestyle such as those practised by vegetarians and vegans but people should not simply reduce Jesus saintly values to only healthy food consumption alone or to none cruelty to animals alone BUT the values Jesus aimed to re-awaken were based on caring and sustainable lifestyles that are highly significant values to save humanity from imminent collapse through the finest interaction with all vulnerable creatures in order to save our finest soul from an earlier doomsday. 

Jesus had a remarkable saintly power that has never been emulated again on earth by any given person and some of Jesus saintly light derives from the purity of ancient times in a lost paradise once shared by our ancestors - which is still rubbing on / off us today BUT one day the light shall no longer rub on/off anymore and will shut off completely after humans have excessively abused and made other creatures/ cultures extinct to cause life on earth to eventually collapse.

The significance of Jesus saintly values is beyond comprehension by most creatures today.  

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