Hey guys, I gave up alcohol back in November 2013 because I was fed up of being ill and making a tit of my myself and I gave up smoking cigars in February 2014 also because of health, but also because of the ethics, the latter I am referring to is that I only recently found out that tobacco products were being tested on animals in so-called scientific research, why did you people give up these two things?

Let's have a talk about this.

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I don't give up in cigar; in fact, I am a non-smoker from birth due to the health effects. I don't want to have black lungs and die from preventable cardiovascular diseases. Besides, cigars are expensive and the money is better off in other places such as schoolbooks and food. 

As for alcohol, I don't take it simply because alcoholic drinks are plain gross for me. I think I drank alcohol thrice in my life-during Chinese New Year only. All my relatives drank beer and I follow suit, and just one sip was enough to turn my tummy over and make me throw up! Since I have vowed to adhere to the Five Precepts in Buddhism, I will NEVER touch alcohol too. Alcohol consumption can cause one to break all the precepts (No killing, no stealing, no bad speech, no sexual misconduct, no alcohol) due to its intoxicating nature.

I will stay cig-free and alcohol-free for life.

Thank you, unlike me though I used to be a very heavy drinker and it got to the point where I was becoming ill because of my heavy alcohol consumption and so besides becoming a vegetarian, giving up the booze was the best thing I ever did, as for cigars, I was never a heavy smoker, only a social smoker, but gave that up to because I was feeling ill.

FUN FACT: Vegan dishes do NOT need wine to taste flavourful, unlike many dishes featuring red meat. Besides, wines are usually paired with cheese and meat, not veggies and fruits. Now that's a bonus considering that we won't be giving ourselves this "holy" package of cirrhosis, heart disease and obesity!


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