Do you have a book that you read in your child or teen years that still remains an important aspect of your life to you?

I believe that everyone at some point of their childhood or teen years, found and read a book that has set itself so deeply into the mind, and has ventured through their life to this day.

Stolen - By Lucy Christopher, is a novel that I read as a tween, about a girl who was captured by a young man and taken to a far off land in Australia, where he had already built her a house, and fenced off an entire waterfall feature just for her. It was a story of troublesome love, beautiful land and spirituality. 

Every time I read this novel I feel euphoric, nostalgic and bright.

So tell me, do you have a meaningful novel from your past?

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It's a nonfiction book by Erich von Daniken. My young mind hitched a ride on "Chariots of the Gods?" and I was giddy with knowledge.


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