Hello ::)

i am inviting you all to take a look at my paintings: http://animabefree.tumblr.com/

enjoy it

ill wait for feedback, and i am open for constructive criticism

cosmic hug

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That first one with the plastic bags as jellyfish, is actually a photo with effects, right? Don't know what to say about the rest - it's not my style, but I like the rabbit :D

hello Undertaker ::) No it is not, happens that the quallity of the picture is not the best, and the wind was blowing lol

ow thats a pitty you don´t have an opinion about the rest, but it is ok ::) don´t you think is interesting  to assess diferent styles?

Everyone loves the rabbit, i gess he is adorable x)

thank you

cosmic hug

I like your use of color. I was wondering what your main medium is? Your work over all has an unusual look to it.

They are awesome, how did you get so good, what did you use to make them


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