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The first time I picked this book up I felt like someone had smacked me in the face-hard.

It got my FULL attention.

Maybe the fact that I was looking at it in a Brooklyn bookstore with a hardcore metal band playing live in the background helped. John Joseph's punk pedigree permeates this book and gives it an edge that is uncommon in vegan literature. I bought this book without hesitation despite the fact that I was not a vegan or even interested in a vegan diet-in fact I was pretty turned off by the vegan culture I had been exposed to. I was interested in getting in shape and looking into the Paleo diet and some other options to drop some pounds. John Joseph's book changed my mind and my life. Not only am I now a vegan because of this book but I have also been turned on to many other sources of information (Thrive by Brendan Brazier for one) that have helped me lose weight (15 lbs. so far), lower my blood pressure and cut my cholesterol (34 points)!

This book is mostly a series of motivational chapters that explain why you should get off your butt and do what you know you should to be healthy, clear thinking (seeing through the BS), and reassured that you don't need to eat meat to be macho/bad*ss/etc.. I think it also succeeds at cutting against the grain of stereotypical vegan culture as weak, whiny and wimpy. Each chapter takes on some topic from the somewhat obvious stuff you may know to the near conspiratorial but in a way that only a street bred punk veteran like Joseph could manage. I can see where his tone might annoy some people but the truth is this book will not be for everyone. If you are turned off by the title or the introduction then it may not be for you. Personally, I appreciated the straight up advice that made me feel like a real friend who cared was giving it to me straight.

There is an inspirational photo section that was really cool if you are not aware of the variety of athletes and go-getters who are vegans. The back of the book has some seriously good recipes that are practical and easy to make but taste amazing!!! My wife is not vegetarian and she has loved everything I have made from the book.

The format of the book is small and written in such a way that I can carry it with me every now and then and read a chapter or two whenever I want to refresh the motivational batteries. There is a crazy helpful appendix and web resources section that are massively helpful to get you started in the right direction with some great support. The source references are included for all you sticklers so you can go look up the citations yourself. I encourage you to check this book out and I hope it wakes you up in the same way it did me!

Buy the Book on Here!

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This is amazing! Thank you for sharing, I will definitely be picking this up also then! VERY interested in how he explains the sexism behind it! Thank you Xiao!!


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