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Just wondering if anyone had experience in growing avocados? They're amazing and I would like a self sustained way of getting them. Are they tricky to grow and what's the best way to go about growing them?

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Never tried it actually, but funny I was seriously thinking about it for this summer. I Love them , anybody got tips ?

I woudnt say they are hard to grow. It's a difficult tree because unlike most fruit bearing trees, avocados take years & years to produce fruit. Wait, is it a fruit? Lol I've had my avocado tree that I planted 3 years ago & it is still very small. Around the same time that I planted the avocado seed I planted a peach seed, & that seed grew at a faster rate & is already producing fruit. But, I would make sure it is in a sunny place 6+ hours of sunlight & maybe you should consider getting into compost tea. I would probably look into purchasing a sapling, that will knock off a couple years or just plant it. I know that some people cut the seed open & put it in water for a couple days, not sure how that goes, or you could just plant it & if the seed is ready it should produce a seedling in a couple of months. Hope that was somewhat helpful.

what country are you in. In England it can take up to 10 years to bear fruit and often the plant doesnt live that long, does best in warm and moist conditions such as greenhouse

As far as I'm concerned, I'm in south of france. So it's burning hot in summer and can go a little below zero at night in winter. But it's always really dry…does it need a lot of moisture in the air ? I remember eating some in NZ a few years ago. They were growing in the garden and were fantastic.

you would need to put outside during sunny days to get it pollinated by a helpful bee or 2 otherwise no fruit

they dont like cold

It'll be interesting to see how you get on Ryan!


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