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Omg YES! Those are some of my favorites :) Squash is a must! Thank you for the research, pretty amped to get started :) I might get my mom to come over and help me, being that I'm useless gardening at the moment, haha. Will also need to start a compost as you recommended. 

No worries, glad to help. Gardening isn't too hard to get started with... Just remember that plants want to grow; provide approximately the right conditions and that's what they'll do!

I've got some indoor ferns that are looking a bit sad, any advice on indoor ferneries?

I have them all in a sunny window sill, I water them most days. It's winter here now in Melbourne, Australia.

I don't know a huge amount about ferns to be honest Lauren. The native ferns round here tend to be found in damp, shady places... Have you got a shadier window sill you could try?


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