I have no garden :( So I am trying to grow a few things indoors, I have a few herbs so far although they were already grown when I bought them (complete beginner!) What do you grow inside? I was thinking peppers - anything else? 

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Hey Steff,

Peppers, chillies and tomatoes all thrive indoors as they are warmth-lovers. Some varieties do get quite large so you might want to check descriptions on seed packets in order to see if you have enough space on your windowsill! It's too late to grow them from seed this season but you might find some plants at the garden center.

Thinks that you can grow indoors right now include lettuces and salad leaves (chicory, rocket, mustard greens, etc...), radishes, and carrots none of which require much space. You can also grow courgettes, squash, pumpkins and cucumbers indoors although these plants do get large and generally need to be started earlier in the season.

If you have access to window boxes and hanging baskets your options are increased somewhat as you can reserve your warm windowsills for heat lovers while still growing less fussy plants outdoors. Hanging baskets also open up opportunities such as strawberries, nasturtiums and other plants that trail.

Hope this helps!


Tomatolettuces, es, salads, peppers, squash, herbs, green oignon,  and this year I try sweet potatoes because we can eat the potatoes AND the leaves. But we have a project to test and teach to everybody how to be successful with their own indoor garden. To learn more about it:


If you like this project, please help us to share it everywhere. Thank you and good luck with your own indoor garden. You will have lot of fun. Take care of whitefly... they are very dangerous for indoor tomatoes plants. Verify often under the leaves and if you see small white balls it's them ! Clean your plant carefully. 


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