Has anyone grown any veggies or fruits and what are the best way to repel insects naturally without killing them?


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I use marygold everywhere. For each plant of veggies I put a plant of marygold or two.  I put also coffee (sorry for my poor english, but the grain you put in your machine), and if you can have egg shell, put them is very thin pieces all around your plant and in the soil (for minerals). I use a small plate with sugar and water to "feed" the insects... often they will prefer this to my plants. But take care to put only few to protect them from dorwning. And the best is to offer lot of flowers everywhere outside of your garden.... They will go there before to go in your garden except for insects who are really specific for some veggies like cabbages, etc...  you can try to trap them too with a small net and a "gift" inside for them and when they will come you will be able to transport them far away of your house.  Good luck and have fun !


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