Hello Veggie Gardeners! I'm still a novice gardener. Somehow my green thumb didn't appear magically, so I had to chose to plant 007 veggies, i.e. plants that has strong survival instinct (otherwise they will perish in my care) and multiple functions (use for tea, aroma, herbs, etc.)

I was scheming away to plant some more plants in my front yard, which has shades, no direct sunlight, and wind protected (as the front yard is walled off.) Since the ground is paved, so I'll need to be planting in pots (I guess no long rooted plants.) The weather here is mild: 579mm of rain per year, with most rainfall occurring during summer; 0 degree to 26 degree Celsius is the coldest and hottest it get according to weather tracking website.

So is there any plants that you would recommend a novice, such as self, to plant that will fit the profile? Thank you for your suggestions. =D

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I've not got any specific recommendations for plants right this moment but I do have a couple of comments about your garden/yard:

  • My great grandmother had great success in her tiny walled back yard through painting her external walls white; more light/heat was reflected by the walls creating a more beneficial microclimate.
  • If you want to grow plants with deep roots, buy or make deep pots!
  • As well as pots, you could consider installing raised beds to sit upon your paving. Might it be possible to remove some of the paving stones?

Do you have any family or friend who garden in your locality? I've no idea what growing plants in SA is like!

Thank you Sam for answering. =) I'm in quite an interesting situation in that the rest of my family don't have green thumbs either, so the plants perish in my or their care half the time. The friends I know either let their gardeners do all the gardening or they live in large farms: a real contract to what I was planning on doing.

I will have to check out what type of boards I can install, so I can paint them white to make it a bit more comfy for the plants. The walls are all red face-bricks and so is the paving, so I would prefer it to be more a temporary basis, so I can move them if I need any plumbing work done (the pipes are buried underneath the pavement) or if I want to move.

I'll keep the deeper pots for the longer-rooted plants. Do you have to fertilise the soil in deeper pots more often? I heard friends who plant tomato (apparently it has rather long roots) that it use up a lot of nutrients in the soil and so she add fertiliser in the pots every other week.

I have raised beds in my backyard, but I wanted to deepen them, so I can plant more shrub-like plants. Right now it's more the hardy plants' and birds' heaven. =)


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