What are your recommendations?


Here are some of mine:

Slaughter (8 Films to Die For)

Frontier(s) (8 Films to Die For)

High Tension

Eden Lake

Hard Candy


The Descent

30 Days of Night



The Exorcism of Emily Rose




Wolf Creek

First Born

Imprint (Masters of Horror)

Sounds Like (Masters of Horror)

Family (Masters of Horror)

Jenifer (Masters of Horror)

The Mist

Grindhouse- Deathproof

Pan's Labyrinth

The Devil's Backbone

The Orphanage

Dawn of the Dead

Ginger Snaps


Let the Right One In


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sheesh. haven't seen lots fot these. but, do you agree with these Ruin?

I agree very much with High Tension. Was that the flick with the staircase and the piano decapitation? if so, brutal and great.

Zodiac was fun as well. and great as it's a true story as well.

Yes, High Tension was the French film with that memorable piano scene as well as the scene in the cornfield with the "killer" in the parked truck and the decapitated head.

well done for adding that last info you perv.

Sorry, but the piano scene is going to have to take second place to the scene I mentioned.

I recommend Rec. It's a horror film from Spain, but there is a dubbed version. It was what Quarantine was based on. In my opinion, Rec is much better. (: I

Good to know, thanks Amberlynn.


Dead Silence

The Children

Dream Home

I spit on your grave


the fog

attack the block

dead snow

and I like Poolboy and Poultrygeist very much but they are very strange :D

I spit on your grave, the original or the new version? I have seen the new one and that's alright, but the original is supposed to be vile.

I have seen most of the films mentioned apart from senseless and poultrygeist.... 



The shrine


The Thing (Both old and new) 

Human Centipede (lol)......


Happiness of the Katakuris (this one is horror comedy) 

Shaun of the Dead (horror comedy) 


The Tunnel 

Grave Encounters 

Death Proof (grindhouse)

Planet terror (grindhouse)

Hobo with a shotgun (grindhouse)

Machete (grindhouse)


Chuck and dale vs evil (comedy horror)

isnt it tucker and dale versus evil? i love that film :) soo good

yeaaah lol, I don't know where my head was when I typed that? Lol chuck

i dont see silent hill in this list :O i really liked that one :) dont know about the second yet but i gonna watch soon :)


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