The biggest festival of Hindu 'Bada Dasain' is in its way.......It is the celebration of goods' victory over evil. But, the nepalese hindu society is still not freed from evil mentality, one example is sacrificing innocent animals during festivals in name of Goddesses and deities.

The holy books of Hindu take the non-violence to be first norm of the religion, "Ahimsa Paramo Dharma." In 'Vedas' and 'Purans' the words for 'sacrificing of animals' has been mentioned which has been misinterpreted and people used them for fulfilling own selfishness. The true sacrifice is " the sacrifice of animal-nature inside you like 'kama', 'krodh', 'lova', 'moha', 'ahankar' i.e. selfishness, aggression, anger, greed, possessiveness, etc."

Hence, true sacrifice in name of the Goddess will be sacrificing own evil thoughts and forfeiting such behaviours. Do you really think that the Goddess Durga will be pleased when one of her beautiful creation is killed in name of Her? Don't you think taking the life of others for own pleasure is character of demons than human? Don't you believe the animals killed for your self- interest had right to live? if we are stronger or wiser than they are, is it our duty to help them survive or to kill them?

Happy Vijaya Dashami to all. Please stop killing of animals in name of the Gods. Lets eradicate the evil 'Bali Pratha' from Nepal. This will be first step towards peace in Nepal. God Bless us...


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