Pretty simple. What do you like to do?

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hiking, archery, most watersports, and read, ad eat

I love sports, I practice yoga, swimming, I go to gym every day and I love to try new activities. In summer I spend most of my time riding a bike or rollerskating. I go for quick runs every evening. I enjoy reading, discovering new things, watching documentaries, listening to music all the time, especially music for relaxation. I also love creativity and homemade stuff. I paint when I have time and I would like to take a course in manicure or make-up after I finish highschool. I am a friendly person, I love talking to people and my dreamjob is a psichologyst. :)

Go cycling or jogging in my local village, or camping sometimes

I like reading, writing, sketching, singing, camping, hiking, and swimming. I'm also really interested in history! Hoping to get into bike riding again this spring/summer - along with yoga and maybe even jogging - because I've wanted to for a while! Just need to find some motivation first.


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