The Hopi people said that sometime in the future, the animals would start to disappear, and that we would no longer see beautiful beings such as the wolf, the bear, and the eagle. They said that the great trees would begin to disappear, and that everyone would fight and not have love for one another. They said our skies would fade away, and we would no longer see the rainbow. 

But they said that children would come and that they would love the animals and bring them back. They said that they would love the trees, and that they would bring them back as well. It is said that they would love others, and that they would help all people to live in harmony with one another. They are to love the rainbow, and restore the skies. For this reason they are called the Rainbow Warriors.

Do you love the animals? Do you love the trees? Do you love others, and desire to live in harmony with your planetary family? Do you love the rainbow, and the skies? If you do, then maybe you are a Rainbow Warrior! 

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The Rainbow Family is where I learned first about Hopi prophecy.  Rainbow family tries to fulfill this prophecy by coming together in the woods every year and drumming, dancing and sharing food and stories with one another.  All religions are welcome at the gathering and we all exchange so much and sing songs to worship the earth.

To be a Rainbow Warrior, we have to work hard.  I believe to heal the planet, we also have to heal ourselves and so the first step that I know of in self healing is not harming others, so we have to look at our actions of mind, body and speech and try to restrict and refrain from actions which cause harm.  We also have to speak truth always and create so many positive actions other than refraining from negative actions.  These are my efforts in my own way to become a Rainbow Warrior.


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