Crystal children are the second wave of beings incarnated which are helping raise the collective vibration of the planet to aid in the ascension into the 5th dimensional consciousness. Most Crystal children were born in the 90's, though some were born in the 70's and 80's. The Crystals are said to have taken the psychic and telepathic abilities of the Indigo's to an even higher level. Spontaneous unconditional love and psychic healing abilities are key traits of these children. The reason that some of them incarnated in the 70's and 80's was to see if the world was ready for the larger wave of them which was to incarnate in the future, coming to fulfillment in the 90's.

Some of the traits of the Crystal children are the fact that they tend to know things such as deceased family members which lived before the time they were born. Many of them also have the gift of telepathy and actually prefer non-verbal communication. In fact, some of these children are recorded not to have begun speaking until they were three or four years old. Many of their mothers were said to have become clairvoyant while pregnant with them, likely to aid them in the understanding of their special children. Crystals often have large, penetrating eyes that radiate with unconditional love. Like the Indigos before them, the Crystals and those who follow will eventually render the legal system obsolete, as they can tell when someone is lying outright. They are attracted to people with open hearts, and are able to read and analytically assess others to see if they possess these qualities. They often won’t play with other children in the neighborhood because they feel that they are mean, but they will play with other Crystals; and they naturally love animals. They have a special connection with nature and naturally know that the healing rays of the sun rejuvenate them with rainbow energy.

Crystals also have very few material needs. Their desires are simple and they generally enjoy time spent outside in nature. They are also natural healers. Of course, they are attracted to crystals and are known to love to play with them. They are forgiving and loving children, very wise and old souls, though in a young body. They also have a tendency toward right brained activities. Doctors have sometimes classified them as autistic because they do not fit the standard of an average child.

Rainbow children on the other hand are now incarnating (which are the younger ones you spoke of Mark, around 10 and up, mostly young adults) whose abilities go beyond that of the Crystals. The Rainbows represent the continuing evolution of Homo Sapiens becoming higher consciousness beings now known as “Homo Universalis”. They are said to represent “divinity incarnated”. We shall see! Very few of them have been born at this time, but their presence when encountered can be known and felt. They are systematically destroying that which is outdated from the Age of Pisces. Rainbows are born to Crystal parents and they are becoming young adults now. They are bringing in the New Age of Aquarius and the new Mayan Great Cycle. Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children each have their own mission, but their collective purpose is to make the world a better place of all. Through their efforts we will learn to live in harmony with the universe and become better attuned with nature and other sentient beings which reside here. Their main mission is to help us to realize that we are all one family under the sun. 

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This is fascinating...thank you Gerett. I am passing on this most excellent information and looking into it further. Peace


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