The Hopi people said that sometime in the future, the animals would start to disappear. One of their prophecies says specifically that the fish will begin to die and birds will drop out of the air. I will mention just a few accounts of this: 6th July 2012 – Mass Oyster deaths: 600 Million snout otter clams dead, leaving farmers broke in Quang Ninh Vietnam, 9th June 2012 – 40 TONS of dead Fish in a pond in township of Guangzhou China, 6th June 2012 – Over 100,000 mass Fish die-off in Feidong Ning Kong (sic) ReservoirChina, 26th June 2012 – 200,000 Bird deaths at three farms in Mexico, 2nd January 2012 - some 5,000 blackbirds dropped from the sky in Beebe, Ark., a small town about 35 miles from Little Rock,  December 15th 2011 - estimated 1,500 eared grebes — a duck-like aquatic bird — have fallen to their deaths in southern Utah. More proofs: Just type mass animal deaths into google and see what you get. Thousands of birds found dead in two southern U.S. states to 100,000 dead fish in Arkansas. It is pandemonium! 

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The Hopi are the ones who said it officially. Sorry to basically Grammar-Nazi that :P well name not grammar, but I'm Metis so I wanted to clarify not all Natives had this prophecy xD 


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