Made my steps today trying to find a spot for me to grow food for the poor, this Spring. To be a useful human being, to give.It's what I want to do with the rest of my life ..It's the one thing I have on my bucket list to do ...It's the only thing I ever want to do with my life..

You know I use to think I couldn't grow anything lol.. Now, I grow almost everything I possibly can. You learn to nourish that life and make it grow into something that nourishes you. It takes patience to reap the reward of our nourishing. Kind of like life, hey? Nourish what's around you and it nourishes you back..

There's no resisting changing in a garden about what we're doing. We know we have to learn and change.A garden & plants can teach us about life and how we co-exist with all life around us. How we love as human beings and each other, nourishing

This is what sustainability is...Harmony...Balance..It's working to change with all life that nourishes each to grow. That is co-existing, that's balance and my peace. A garden and plants can teach us a lot.

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