If I could go back
I would take all the wrong
turns on purpose,
I have learned from the hard journey.
I wouldnt be reckless with and greedy with wishes,
I would believe in more.
If I could go back,I would find my fears early
and kick their asses sooner,
I would realize that love or caring
never killed anyone,
and words hurt, but silence
is what breaks hearts.
I would go back tell that girl,that she has the power of love in her heart, and
the universe too .
That her strength in her bare feet to move forward to carry on even ,
when all feels lost.
I would go back, tell that girl not to ever let anyone crack her, never let anyone
slip disregard of her,she has meaning and purpose,
and never let anyone leave
a trail of hurt under her skin
because of broken promises.
I would tell her, the pathway is to
always love and is the writing story and pathway of her journey.

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