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Ways to improving writing skills

While not everyone can write a literary masterpiece, a balanced impressive piece is something that everyone should be able to produce. But unfortunately, most of the people part their ways from writing after academics and end up having a sub-standard writing style for their entire life. No matter your profession, effective writing is something you will constantly need for one purpose or another and it is in those times that one realizes writing is something skill is something that you can’t…


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Rеаl Tаlk: Arе Lеаdеrѕ bоrn оr made?



Every оnе оf us аrе соnсеivеd with оnе аttributе in likе manner: роtеntiаl. Obviоuѕlу thеrе are numеrоuѕ possibilities, yet the key in managing роtеntiаl iѕ thе bооѕt and environment thаt bringѕ it оut. Along thеѕе linеѕ, уоu can tаkе a gаndеr at аll of thе individuаlѕ frоm your…


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How to Prevent Pigmentation for Glowing Skin

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You know you’ve been detailed and thorough about consistently sticking to your well-researched skincare routine.  So, what could be the reason why you’re seeing a hyper pigmented patch of skin on the sides of your cheek now?  Is there something wrong that you did?  More importantly, is there anything you can do now to reverse it immediately?…


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Together We Can Change Human Awareness

Hello everyone. We are new to the community. I am proud to say that Non human animals are my greatest passion, every day while living among the human race I find one more reason why humankind are completely inferior to non human animals. Every human being has an opinion yet not all human opinions are followed by the human masses. I think the opinion that animals have no rights is a narrow minded, opinion that should be banned from the minds of the human masses. My Sister And I are pro-animal…


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Website Design And Development: Conversion Content Marketing

There is probably of important Search Engine Marketing approaches to boost the blog traffic drugs more backlinks in your site. Links that suggest our homepage or subpages are advantageous for our blog or website popularity, thereof I usually put a special attention improve amount of backlinks thing to my journal. And accidentally while Utilised to be Googling this dawn, I discovered a post that informs about an extensive list of forums which permit their member to put links in their…


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"However ‘humanely’ we treat animals, they are still subjected to treatment that, were humans involved, would be torture. There is no such thing as ‘happy’ exploitation."
— Gary L. Francione

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healthy bread?

having to change my diet to largely exclude dairy as well as Lot of other things i was advised to eat Burgen Soya and Linseed bread as it was one that my temperamental stomach can tolerate.... welll i have been happily eating this bread regularly but much to my angst i discovered when checking on google that this loaf is amongst the worst you can eat - This bread might look healthy but don't be fooled, it's actually packed with calories, fat, saturated fat and sugar - the worst of all the…


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What I see before sign in

"This Connection is Untrusted

You have asked Firefox to connect securely to, but we can't confirm that your connection is secure.

What Should I Do?

If you usually connect to this site without problems, this error could mean that someone is trying to impersonate the site, and you shouldn't continue.

Technical Details uses an invalid security…


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karuna sabke liye

we all,what are doing about old age people.we must do and think about old age poor and alon person.becouse it is the worst time of life.come all togather to help them. thanks

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New Plant Based Pruducts

I've been a vegetarian for around 3-4 years. Although I do occasionally eat small amounts of diary I only take plant based protein powder.

One of the big supplement companies (Isagenix) have finally introduced a plant based range which is awesome.…


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Help innocent heartworm-positive dogs now!

Click to donate here.

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Gardening is a revolutionary act...

My heirloom organic tomatoes & cherry tomatoes that I grew from seed . You know I use to think I couldnt grow anything lol..

Now , I grow almost everything successfully . Yes, I lose a few plants here or there but quiet found my calling threw growing…


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I just found out this morning our new cat noosler has FeLV (feline leukemia) so I am worried my baby boy SET is going to get it. Why does Amanda always have to take cats in this is really going to mess me up if he gets it...

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The little ones I love to have

I have to say single mothers have it hard. I spent they day holding my cutest little niece Emily for the longest time and I love babies I only wish I could have another one but I think that boat has sailed for me. Maven was such a wonderful son and I can't believe…


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How is your heart doing?

I came across this on a blog. I thought it was special and worth sharing:

In many Muslim cultures, when you want to ask someone how they’re doing, you ask: in Arabic, Kayf haal-ik? or, in Persian, Haal-e shomaa chetoreh? How is your haal?

What is this haal that you inquire about? It is the transient state of one’s heart. In reality, we ask, “How is your heart doing at this very moment, at this breath?” When I ask, “How are you?” that is really what I want to…


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The passion of change

Everyday,its people like us that takes a foot forward with courage to change..By our lifestyles, our diets, our choices ,and, by the actions  of our hearts ...The passion and the desire in our hearts say," no more".. No more, Humanity.Shall we stand idly by and…


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Tofu Scramble Recipe | Quick n Dirty

Even though this vegan tofu scramble recipe has been highly requested, I’ve hesitated in making this video. Does the Internet really need another tofu scramble? Okay, maybe just one more ☺

You can toss this quick and dirty breakfast together in about seven minutes flat. My recipe does not require nutritional yeast, but feel free to…


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Rambling thoughts of a Vegan.

I've never got serving slaughtered animals(pigs and cows) to raise funds to help save animals(cats and dogs) from being slaughtered and abused.You would think if you're going to fund raise for a event like this you wouldnt put another slaughter animal that suffered and died on the menu?? Do people even ponder things before they step into these kinds of events??? hmmm


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#VeganHour - Twitter - Tuesday - 7pm UK time

Join in Tuesday's #veganhour on Twitter 7pm-8pm UK time…


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