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The Journey of me again

The unimaginable happens and I stumble free fall through space. Struggling to come to acceptance and to stop fighting the inevitable … Somedays, I am convinced I have accepted this new state of affairs. You are just not willing, though, to walk away like this ,so you decide you will be there.Choosing to move into those uncharted waters. I test the water with my big .And, as I do, I muster an understanding as how to deal with this great loss in my life.While a huge hole…


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Trump wants a 'Space Force'

My late night seraching has paid of with some humor tonight ..lolThis is how stupid our President really is.. lol. Trump wants a 'Space Force,' ..LOL..Yet,America already has one dumass.Its the U.S Airforce.Since 1984, the U.S. Air Force has put more than 280 satellites into orbit. These satellites do everything from predicting the weather, to monitoring ballistic-missile launches, to helping soldiers call their families. They are crucial for surveillance, reconnaissance, navigation and…


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To the seeing Nature.

Flowers teach us many lessons when we take the time to listen .Regardless of how much one has or how beautiful or handsome we think we…


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The war inside you.

How much do we really understand the nature of peace ?

Someone from an audience asked the Dalai Lama, “Why didn’t you fight back against the Chinese?” The Dalai Lama looked down, swung his feet just a bit, then looked back up at us and said with a…


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Happy Fathers day, Mom. Thanx, for being both for me

 A picture of my mother thought I rarely share it publicly.Yes, ,my mother was a beautiful heart.

You were my miracle, Mom.I miss you so much it hurts my heart.The morning was encouraging me to be courageous.This is me,…


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To the Mindfulness of the Beautiful Things

How does my garden grow these days (?) you may ask of me.It’s growin’ and keeping me busy and my head from spinning at times.All of the waiting for my sunflowers to show themselves all at once, which will leave me in a race to see all the beauty before it…


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Living Structures


I've spent the last few years creating a living structure in my garden, it's looking great and I'm now thinking about creating a much larger living structure, hopefully of cathedral proportions if I can find the right plot of land in the right place for the right price. And I'd…


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Diary of a Fat Woman.

I guess most wonder why I post so much on my weight.Well, sense society is so focus on what I weigh and shaming.I thought I give a heads up view of how a fat person sees the world of shaming in a cause about animals. A cause that sports fat meme's to laugh at.A cause that shames a person like me as a joke.I dont do it in spitefulness but to give some knowledge of just how it feels to be shamed daily and discriminated against, with a big HUGE HAHAHA.Then you come into a cause that  really…


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To The Realizing-

My relationship to nature changed completely over the pass few years.I really feel that I have a closer connection between us. As woman who recently started my inner journey of awakening. I guess we reach a point when we started to seek more.More than the pointless hollow things you search for in youth.That only time and wisdom opens our eyes .Or a hard push forward to open them.

I guess I seek more of a connection with things that I begin the journey again ?

But, I have still the…


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The heart of a flower

Our lives are not merely about time but about love in the highest sense. As the sunflower aspires to the sun (light) so too does the soul of this woman, aspire to satisfy and fulfill the desire for a loving heart. In time we see that love changes us ,for…


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Fat vegan politics: A survey of fat vegan activists’ online experiences with social movement sizeism

The author examines the consequences of stigma strategies in vegan activism as it is experienced by fat vegan activists. The fat politics of veganism in online spaces is examined in data provided by a qualitative survey of fat-identified vegan activists. Results highlight the subjective experiences of fat vegans, illuminating the meaning of healthism, sizeism, and thin-privilege in vegan social justice spaces. Sizeism is a significant concern for fat vegan activists as respondents…


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Shaming animal rights activist.

I’m a real person with feelings. Somebody I had never met and who has no right to comment on my body and food choices who publicly comes to shame me, be critical ,and accusing me of setting a bad example because I am fat and a animal rights activist. I of course also disapprove of movement tactics that appeal to vanity, and promising that people will be thinner is one of those vanity ploys.Any time personal appearance is used as a reason for going plant based, I’m going to have…


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Things to Remember While Decorating a Rental House

First thing that you should prefer to do after buying the house on rent is to decorate it. Firstly you should prefer to analyze your budget…


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The pondering of changing?

I want to change. Anything. Everything. Something.

I want a change so I have something tangible to remind me of the huge change that's in my life. I don't really want any new objects, and I'm still waiting on something to change . I been hoping for but it seems there is still that great divide that has to be leaped.

But everything has changed. Everything is different. Nothing is the same

And, yet ,I find myself back in the same place, at the same void..I'm trying to get back…


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Inveigle heart

Inveigle heart

By :Fat Veggie 

Inveigle heart, seduced,

held by illusory sway.

A vengeful existences:

The Indifference, 

painstakingly insensitive,

your hearts decay.

Grasped tightly & Conflicted.

A grudging resentment:

No solace, No…

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How to Increase the Shelf Life of Food Products

A healthy life depends a lot on the quality of diet. You should always include fresh and lush produce in your diet so that the body can get all the essential nutrients. There is nothing better than meals prepared from fresh products but it is not always convenient to pay…


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《 痴 》





Parents and siblings heaped up in the dining plates.

Vengeance of debts and previous lives repeats…


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After аll, we hаvе bееn tоld fоr thе lаst 50 уеаrs thаt mеаt, eggs, and аnimаl fаt аrе all bаd for us. However, the most compelling driving fоrсе probably came frоm hоw much we have nоw learned аbоut thе еnvirоnmеntаl imрасt of соnfinеmеnt animal fееding ореrаtiоnт (CAFO) аnd thе unethical treatment of thеsе аnimаls. In rесеnt…


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《 笑我 》







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