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Saving Your Pet with CPR

If you are in a remote location or veterinary care isn’t available this information could, in some circumstances, save your pet’s life if you act fact. Sometimes seconds count and there just is not time to make to a veterinary office… It is our responsibility as a pet (parent) owner to have the knowledge…


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Muskmelon the summer fruit

Muskmelon or cantaloupe is a wonderful fruit. It is a summer fruit. It is a storage of nutrients. It contains 90% water and hence makes it an ideal summer food. It contains a lot of dietary fibre and is rich in vitamin A and C. It contains potassium  and manganese. 

   The yellow orange fruit is sweet in taste. It can be eaten by all as it is not high in calories. It has anti cancer properties. Being rich in fibre,it aids in throwing out the waste…


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I am very proud that I am a vegan.
Veganism is to love yourself and your actions!
I love my life! I love all living beings, I love people.
I want to hug every man! I wanna share my happiness with the whole world.
So, dear humans! Please, eat something that brings you joy!
I assure you it's not animals.
Just be a man. It's so simple.

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Food for summer

With the blazing heat , one can think of only one thing, when the season is coming to an end. Each passing day, the temperature seems to be getting worse. It calls for a change in food habits. 

    One needs to take plenty of fluids. Water, atleast two litres of it is needed. The body loses salt and minerals by sweat and heat.…


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The Cat’s Guide To Exercising A Human

Attention all cats! It is your duty to keep your human healthy so that they can continue to serve and pamper you. This video serves as a guide for how to properly exercise and care for your human.

Source: Sho Ko via…


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The Effect of Positive Emotions on Our Health

“The best way to overcome undesirable or negative thoughts and feelings is to cultivate the positive ones.” ~ William Atkinson

Its important we recognise our thoughts and emotions and be aware of its effect not only on our health but also our relationships and our surroundings. Positive emotions makes you feel happy and joyful. Everything around you seems beautiful, you enjoy the moment and things seem to fall into…


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5 Best Fruits And Vegetables For Arthritis

by Kelly Everson, contributor

A comprehensive article which provides guidance on the best fruits and vegetables to eat for Arthritis which should help facilitate a smooth recovery for the disease. An overview of the condition is also provided for your convenience.

Arthritis is often a hard disease to have to live with. There are a multitude of physical, emotional and mental…


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This Family Could Not Stand The Thought of leaving His Dog Behind. But What The Dad Secretly Did Is AWESOME.

How sweet! I'm lucky we get to take our dogs with us when we travel. I'd probably have a meltdown if I had to leave them behind. Actually...I wouldn't leave them lol. I have a hard enough time dropping them at the groomers for 5-6 hours.

Source: Jordan Malerverktøy via…


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Study Reveals How Sleep Removes Toxic Waste from the Brain

Although we don’t know exactly why, there is no question that sleep is crucial for brain and overall health. Without proper sleep, the chance of disease and stress increases notably. Now, researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) Center for Translational Neuromedicine have found that sleeping actually…


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leaving days

more days like this
when I talk with you
and laugh with you
days in which I dont
... miss you

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