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Protecting Your Vegetables Against Weeds and Pests

Though fertilizers are part of the organic process, most people have to battle against weeds and pests more than anything else. This is where your organic techniques are most important.

Insects are the most visible problem since you can immediately see them and the destruction they cause. They will eat…


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Growing Crops on a Vertical Garden

Imagine for a moment with me how it would be like to produce the same amount of your favorite veggies without taking up a large space like in traditional horizontal garden.

Vertical garden is so easy to plan and build, and the best thing about it is the amount of space it saves and the ease of reaching the fruits during harvest. It provides a healthier growing condition for plants due to a better air circulation. Your crops does not touch the ground, thus avoiding soil borne diseases…


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How to Grow these Top 5 Organic Vegetables

These are the top 5 vegetables that you really should be getting organic because they hold the greatest load of chemical residue when bought conventionally. So why no grow them yourself? They are all really easy to grow and have a lot of uses in the kitchen.


Most people think of tomatoes when they…


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The lowest maintenance vegetables to grow in the city

A city full of skyscrapers, buildings everywhere, intersected with an occasional park where urbanites go for their morning or evening constitutional. The only bits of greenery are the interspersed potted shrubs by the sidewalk or potted plants on the windowsill. Often, urban homes are small and compact, thus, for the urbanite with green thumbs, growing their own plants might pose a bit of a challenge.

With the innovations and technology today, there have been many ways that the people…


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3 important keystone food resources

Keystone species are defined as species that have an essential role as to how balanced the ecosystem is. Removing a keystone species from a habitat can often result in the dramatic alteration of the ecosystem, sometimes even resulting in the complete shutdown of that ecosystem.



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