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:/ doubt

today i were at national labortory & what i saw that they made eggs without the sperms matching .. and seriously i doubt now that eggs shouldnt called non - vegetarian :/

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spiritual <3

God almighty want us to act on his behalf and restore our earth to a good, loving place. He doesn't want us to ignore evil or bad souls and sit idly in the company of good souls , whiling away our precious time.

Remember never waste your time. We are sent to Earth to take on certain work, training , to gain exeprience , and to pay off karma, so finish what we have come to do on Earth before the time is up. Otherwise, we will have to reborn again for the same purpose and waste a…


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Hey everyone :)
So I'm giving my first try . . let us promise with our self and our group mates not to eat Non-veg./ Use leather in this whole life-time .. and make every effort to support animal rights :)
though this is a step to reach at the vegan and to make this world a better place :)
God bless you all <3

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Hey everyone . I have a question for you .. a tough question really. I'am unable to sort it out alone need some help from everyone .

Hey .. This question is certainly from out of range from the normal blogs and forums but please need a contribution from all of you . ,  if at a certain path of time if a moment came where parents at their last bed/breaths and they want to marry you to marry with their choice instead of what you choose for your life what will you do ???

Before giving you answer please give a thought as you have to take a decision. 

Conflict arises b/w Emotions and love :/

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Good news :) About stress and blood pressure ;)

Yesterday a survey has been conducted in London and other parts of the World and the results which a came with a awesome results that are ..

A "HUG" Is more powerful than the lots multivitamins and Some medicines who are used to 'decrease your blood pressure' and 'lessen your stress' ;)

So continue cuddling with your dear one ., even i tried a lot and serving this new medicine in my circle .. Today i did it for 114 times hahahaha

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