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Happy New Year !

Then let's start right now , it still almost a week till the end of this year , I just want to wish to all my veggie people as well the others a happy new year ! May God bless all of you ! Make 2016 a great and unforgettable year away from all that Junk and meat and everything ! It's really a bless to start a year away from all the things that weaken your heart ! 

Work your butt out and do your best in the new year , don't regret anything , just live your life ! 

I will try to…


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Diaries Of A Veggie Teen

Wow , I didn't think they would stop bothering me , but they kind of did ! Yes people , my family started to deal with my lifestyle , they maybe got me but I don't think so ! I'm proud for being who I am , and for making such differences !  Mom stopped yelling and arguing me to force me to eat meat or drink milk ! I'm really Good ! Dad still wants me to eat honey and fish , so does mom , but hell no ! My siblings , I guess they're happy for me being vegetarian ... because they want to eat…


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Diaries Of A Veggie Teen

It's being so good , I think , My family , I guess are starting to get my life style but they still ask me are you going to eat saussages or meat or anything and I say nooo and they're like oh I forgot !

In my religion , muslims sacrifice a sheep every year , and my family sacrificed but I couldn't help with anything because I don't want to dirt my hands with the blood of an innocent animal .

I think I'm going to get a dog , I'm so excited !

the good news that when we…


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Diaries Of A Veggie Teen

Sorry for being late this time! But I'm here now , so yay ! Anyway , I started this week with a pass_out ! It was pretty hard for me , but I could get over it ! All my family are blaming my life style ! They still don't get it !

I'm so happy that I changed my life before it's too late , but believe me , it's never too late ! You just to have the big step , and it's the first one , and you'll see , it's not so hard , it will make you believe in yourself and know that you are strong and…


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Diaries Of A Veggie Teen (1st week )

So , to start I'm Zeineb , and I'm 15 and I'm Tunisian . So through the past two years , I've been thinking all the time of becoming a vegetarian but I never had enough courage to start because I didn't know how to start exactly . I had a friend on FaceBook that I found on a Lovatic group , she asked who's vegetarian , but some said no one here is vegetarian and we have to eat meat and God created animals that we can eat them and that stuff . I defented her because I find it gross how…


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