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《 痴 》





Parents and siblings heaped up in the dining plates.

Vengeance of debts and previous lives repeats…


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\uap style="text-align: center;">

\uap style="text-align: center;">造物之秘精气神。




\uap style="text-align: center;">拜天求地痴迷恨。




\uap style="text-align: center;">秽里作乐不嫌闷,




\uap… Continue

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\uap style="text-align: center;">《 笑我 》

\uap style="text-align: center;">

\uap style="text-align: center;">常乐常在我之中,弃乐寻乐黄粱梦。


\uap style="text-align: center;">我本常在永生中,贪生怕死未悟空,


\uap style="text-align: center;">涅盘本在我之中,千里寻乐到处纵。


\uap style="text-align:… Continue

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The Story of a Waterdrop

《 一滴水洙的故事 》






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How can you fight terrorism, 

when terrorism is your favorites in your dining plate? 

How can you stop bloodshed, 

when bloodshed is caused by your yummy steak? 

What can be more terrifying, 

than the…


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She said she likes me

But I can't date a zombie

The zombies say she's pretty

But all corpse eaters are yucky

She thinks she's pretty

But I can't kiss a zombie

Her lips smell of dead poultry

She loves bacon more than me

The zombie asks me if I marry his daughter

But how can I marry a…


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They Say I'm Extreme

You say I'm extreme,

but I don't eat the tamed.

Blood shedding for cuisine,

you know cruelty is a shame.

Rats slain in academe,

Hunting the meek for fame.

Your idols make you scream,

Cos they wear the fur of…


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Disgusting Shames

What makes you think you're the ruler on Earth?

Havocs are what you've done for a pennyworth

Life-sacrifices in your behalf since your birth

Extreme sufferings to celebrate your evil mirth

Shame on you defending your disgusting error

Generations of lies made you a blood-thirster

Corpse pieces decorated into steak…


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To the meek animals you have inflicted horrific torture 

Karmic reflection is your share in your world of  horror 

What you have done to the animals you will do to each other 

Ruthlessness among yourselves is what you see in your mirror 

Burying your conscience, fighting for your immorality 

Reflection of greed and…


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Humans have learned to cover their shames by cloths 

But more ashamed are the humanity rots 

From our shameful parents we've been taught 

Meals of cruelty is not our fault 

Gluttonous mouths, lame in thoughts 

Violence to ourselves is what we've…


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You Make Everything Beautiful

\uap style="text-align: left; margin-left: 3em;">You make everything beautiful…


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Hypocritic Humanity



\uap>When my flesh is in your mouth…


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10 Reasons Why I Will Never Turn Vegan

  1. \ua
  2. Because I was born and raised in a corpse-eating family inherited culture and religion practicing animal-sacrifices for food and wears, so that I must numb my empathy to ignore the horrors and pains suffered by the animals, to preserve my loyalty, superiority and prides.

  3. Because I was taught in school that humans are animals too, and as an omnivorous animal I must suppress my conscience and compassion to feed on other…


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The masculines have seized the world by their violent and invasive natures causing wars, destructions, tragedies and miseries. But the feminines hold the keys to both salvation and extermination. 

\uap>Women are non-violent and more compassionate in nature. We direly need more non-violent and compassionate leaders to cope with the global crisis. 

\uap>No… Continue

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Prayer for the Suffering Ones

Whenever you feel helpless seeing animals suffering cruelty, say this prayer: 

\uap>By the grieves of the suffering Ones, 

I am crying out with my most powerful wills, 

to the Almighty and the Benevolent, 

who is"I" my "Self" and those "Selves" who suffer, 

so that the suffering Ones will be redeemed with love and bliss, 

as the Creator is Love… Continue

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Who Am I ?

Do you know why everybody is so obsessed by his/her self image? 

\uap>We love to look at the mirror, never get tired of looking at our own photos, spend most of our energy taking care of our own images,... 

\uap>Because, truly, God created us assimilating Its own image. Because we miss God! Down in the deepest and broadest level of our consciousness, while we… Continue

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Jokes of Horror

I'm a loving person who loves hunting, fishing, watching animal-manipulation in ocean parks, zoos and circuses, eating animal products of bloodshed and torture, animal-corpse cooking, skin and fur fashions of bloodshed and torture, ...

\uap>I'm an aspiring and hard-working single, anyone of you ladies out there please marry me so that we can share our dreams together contributing for more devastations, pollutions, invasions, violations, overpopulations, starvations, contentions,… Continue

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The Shameful Contradiction


Why must we sponsor for more killings and tortures, while we ourselves can't bear the horror of death and extreme sufferings?


Why must we…


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The Baboon's Adventure

\uap>Once an evolved baboon is having an adventure experiencing survival in the land of the barbarous carnivorous beasts.

\uap>Looking down from the tree the baboon sees blood, carcass debris, flies, maggots and excreta are everywhere. He wonders how these moronic… Continue

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For generations, we are taught to be ambitious so that we can achieve what we want in life, we must fight diligently so that we can become what we want to be. We have become so obsessed with our dreams that we don't even bother to think whether our dreams are in deed our needs.

\uap style="font-weight: normal;">Dreams can never finish. Though we've made some of our dreams… Continue

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