10 years Vegetarian, have aspired to be Vegan for half of those years.. and still fail ;/ Cheese is my challenge.

I have been a successful vegetarian for 10 years now.  But have struggled in giving up cheese, ;/ I have tried time and time again.  But cheese.. either I give it up for a few days.. and then that craving for.  Is it a matter of habit in finding the right substitute?  I was just talking to my boyfriend in him helping me out. in saying put down the cheese.!  LOL  If that would even help.  Any tips.. my fellow vegans please let me know.  Appreciated .!! 

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Comment by Anne on August 4, 2014 at 11:37pm

Probably it's your habit of eating cheese so it would be rather weird when cheese disappear from your diet. I would say try and find some vegan cheese you like and slowly reduce your cheese substitution over time.

Quite a lot of vegan I know use nutritional yeast as replacement for cheese in a number of dishes, like they will use it when they make mac and cheese or they will use a mixture of nutritional yeast, almond meal/ cashew meal, salt, and black pepper as parmesan cheese when making parmesan eggplant or vegan parmesan chicken. (People tend to gravitate towards Red Star Nutritional Yeast with fortified B12. You should be able to find it in your local health food store or online. Just make sure that you store nutritional yeast in a dry, cool place and it should last you around 18 months. Also you might want to taste a little of it to know just how flavourful it is as it's quite strong in taste, so a little goes a long way.)

For the melted cheese related item, you can try out different types of vegan melted cheese. I know Daiya is quite popular and it has a good consistency when melted, so that might be a good start for you. There're plenty of different vegan cream cheese available commercially or you can make your own nut cream cheese, so it's up to how much "cheese" you want in your diet.

Hopefully that helps. =)

Comment by Sophia Kelly on August 8, 2014 at 7:09pm

Cheese is addictive, unfortunately. 'Dairy crack' I've heard it called before hahaha. So yeah the cravings kicking in after a couple of days sounds normal. The only thing I can suggest is to just keep trying - I used to have a bad cheese habit but completely abstained and sure enough the cravings DO go away. After this you'll find your taste buds waking up after years of being dulled down by cheese. Now I don't need cheese and, in fact, find vegan cheeses to be far too salty (although I haven't tried many I just don't fancy cheese anymore). You just have to get off it without trying to find a perfect substitute then try some vegan options once your cravings have gone. Anne is right about nutritional yeast, though. I've heard about this myself but I can't buy it locally so I've ordered some off the web and will be experimenting with it when it arrives :)


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