4 Ways to Preserve Food without Freezing

Preserving the food is something that humans have always done so that they can have food when there is was nothing fresh to eat. The concept of food preservation was born out of convenience. Over the time the preservation techniques have changed and improved a lot but that does not mean that the old methods have gone away. The methods people used to preserve food before the invention of refrigerators were effective. The refrigerators and freezers have made the process much easier. Buying small freezers UK can help in storing the food products for a long time.

Here are a few methods apart from freezing that can be used to preserve the food.


It is the oldest method of preserving the food and it is still used because it is highly effective. It is an excellent method for preserving fruits, meats, vegetables and herbs. After drying the food you do not need to put them in the refrigerator. You can solar dry the food products by putting them in direct sunlight. It will remove all the moisture from the food products. The food spoils because of the moisture as it provides them perfect atmosphere for growth. When the moisture is removed it is not possible for the microorganisms to grow in the food. The easiest way of drying the herbs and chilies is to tie them to a rope and just hang them in the sun. There are electric dehydrating machines that can help in drying the food products.

Canning the food:

The canning technique is also an old method used for preserving food products. The technique can be used to preserve meats, vegetables and meats. It is not difficult to can the food products at home. You can use cans along with jars to preserve the food. You can preserve homemade sauce in glass jars as well. While canning the food products you need to be careful about food contamination. Make sure that the equipment you are choosing is sterilized. The canning process is not complicated and not difficult to execute.

Use salt or sugar:

The salt is used for preserving the food because it takes out the moisture from the products. The loss of moisture reduces the bacteria content which makes it last longer. The bacteria make the food stay fresh and nutrition for later use. Beef jerky and dry salted cod are some popular foods made by salting preservation method. The sugar does the same job but it is not as common as the salt because the sugar can increase the sugar content.


The pickling is similar to the caning process but you do not need any specific ingredient for pickling, all you need are two ingredients; acid and salt. You can preserve the food products by soaking the products with salt and brine. When they are pickled enough you need to put them in a jar full of vinegar. You can also seal the jars using the canning process.

These are effective ways of preserving the food apart from freezing it.

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