Life starts with being merciful : The 8  important aspects which make meat eating non justifiable are

  1. Parental love like human: Animals get pregnant , feed its offspring with milk and fight for death to save its offspring. Parental Love is not there in plants , so Plants are food not animals.
  2. Humanity: Animals live in groups and love its family members like human. Human loving a human is not different from animals. Every creature on earth does the same. Humanity can sprout only from love and mercy towards animals.
  3. Life: Plants reproduce from seeds. These seeds have long life from 1 year ( 1 complete season ) up to twelve years . But the animals offspring die in 3 days if not fed with food and water.
  4. Reproduction: A single fruit has many seeds and a tree gives thousands of fruits. Only if the birds , animals eat its fruit and seeds mixed with faces get disposed in different places , they grow in to trees , plants and make forests. But animals produce sexually and give four to 5 kids. birds from 10 to 20 . Fishes in thousands,
  5. Cutting a plant Vs Animal: When a tree is cut in its centre , its branches fall down , but the main tree with its root does not die, but grow with much better strength. Also the cut branch when rooted somewhere , gets life and grows in to new plant. Thus nature has made plant a natural food and human. Animals when cut face death.
  6. Human population : 800 Crore people on earth if eats meat, world animals easily become extinct. It is against ecosystem to cultivate the habit of meat eating.
  7. Disturbing Food chain: Fishes are alternate food for birds & other animals which expand forests. Human eat 10 billion tons fish every day and has reduced birds population. Has used pesticides & insecticides and has killed butterflies and honey bees which eat of polluted flowers , leaves. The eagles eat of fishes & chicks .
  8. Land infertility : Men have killed lakhs of cows , sheep's, goats, etc for meat  and the animals wastes is not returned to soil and so turned the land infertile. 

 So stop killing animals & start the life towards love & humanity.


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