Pretty much sums up most of the encounters I have with close minded individuals

Geo, I am totally opposed to any ideology that means a peaceful coexistence between humans, animals, the earth, and do not condone any of your peaceful, ethical, humane behavior. Instead of unsubscribing to your posts or defriending you because of your radical beliefs, I choose to attack and criticize your obviously more healthy lifestyle every chance I get. Im so offended, that I will waste mytime looking for psuedofacts online, and any study funded by agriculture that proves meat is the best thing on earth for you, just to discredit you. We all need meat you know, without it vegans like you cant survive or be healthy, and I will disregard any vegan who lives a healthy life without animal products, theyre probably on super medicine and can’t live anyways. I can point out how bad GMO crops are to you, but only preach about eating organic, uninfected meat, which I hardly eat to begin with, but its another tool in my arsenal to try and discredit you. I havn’t even tried your lifestyle, but I want to stay unbrainwashed like 98% of Americans and continue to love my meat and prescription medicine. I havnt even given your diet a chance, but I will openly criticize it because that’s all I know how to do. I don’t care if my mind is closed, and I love mammalian secretions on top of everything I eat, my lifestyle is obviously better because the tv tells me it is! Ill have everyone I know make fun of you and your lifestyle, just because its different. I claim to be an animal lover, and you’re not because you’re just a terrorist. Think twice before you try and open peoples mind, because you can live a week on just fruits and veggies for every meal, but I’d be devastatingly sick if I ate meat for every single meal, I don’t care how much I contradict myself, Im right because I don’t like to be told im wrong or think my lifestyle is ecocidal genocide. 

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Comment by lilla g on February 20, 2012 at 7:27pm



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