Hey I wrote a short satire, to expose human greed and egocentricity. I'd appreciate feed-back. Hope this can make people reflect on their usage and consumption of animals, and animal product. Here it is,

            It was my first race; my anxiety was taking over my body. As I was placed at the starting point the 10 minute of absolute silence stiffened my body. Being distant into this void I didn’t hear the gun shot and the other participates had been granted an advance of 10 meters. As the first turn arrived the horse that was given to me accelerated with overwhelming speed, such that at the end of the turn I was battling for the lead. Seeing the obstacle in the distance I kicked even harder into the beasts flanks. As he lifted me into the sky I had attained the lead, but at the landing the animal had fumbled, taking me to the ground. As my contestants pasted the hooves hit fatally against the giant holding me down, I could hear bones cracking, screams of atrocity alike a fallen soldier calling for his mother. His stomach ripped open releasing his guts against the ground. After the passage it was silent yet, as I could hear him strive for his breath. I was immediately taken care of with great attention. It ended ideally, as I didn’t seem injured. The doctors confirmed as I only had a few bruises, nonetheless they subscribed me some an analgesics for a slight headache. I was cheerfully welcomed at a soiree; the Horse Racing Committee seemed pleased to notice that I wasn’t in need of financial support. That night we were served both exquisite and delicious horse filets au vin rouge.       

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Comment by Florence Thornton on March 16, 2014 at 1:38am

I like it! 


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