I cannot seem to tolerate dairy. At all. Anymore.

I had mild lactose intolerance but growing up, I could get away with eating that occasional slice of cheese and half a pint of ice cream. I could not consume an entire glass of dairy, that's all.

NOW-even that minute amount of dairy in drink premixes upsets my stomach for 5 hours straight!

This is great since I have an excuse to escape the cruel dairy food, but will this cause inconvenience to the people around me when preparing my food?

I start to LOVE raw food, bit by bit.

I actually find that raw carrots and tomatoes taste way better than the cooked version. I enjoy some salad and veggie "pasta", though of course I can eat only tiny amounts (1 carrot and 1 cucumber rather than half a pound of them as pasta for example). Somehow I still can't eat peppers, cruciferous veggies and mushrooms raw-I find them disgusting.

A raw breakfast energises me-a LOT! Best for stay-up seasons, but...

Does a raw diet must contain ONLY organic produce? I can't afford all organic-the price is 5x higher than the conventional counterparts.

My cravings for cakes and cookies in chocolate has just gone.

Funny, I don't seem to crave cakes and cookies that often now. I used to indulge in pastries as a cheat meal once a week, but now, hey, I find those in the shops like cardboard and disgusting. A leafy, colourful salad seems to be calling my name all the time. I don't know if this is weird for a twenty-year-old-I mean, it just happened!

However, I always crave for popsicles... cravings for cold food are always there although my stomach hates it a lot.

I give up eggs, hopefully this can go on forever...

which is a challenge since I used to love eggs. I still love them but I am determined to quit it due to the cruelty of the egg industry, and for beauty (LOL but yea, eggs gives me pimples). I hope my mum is not offended by this. I have a hard time explaining to her that I don't eat eggs. My friends expressed concern on me not eating eggs but, hey, I'm still alive, a month after being eggless. 

Will not eating eggs interfere with travelling? I dream to travel to some countries like Australia and Spain and I hope that it will materialize. Hehe. If it materializes though, I might get weird stares from other people... Heck, even in my country, Malaysia, I have been given countless weird stares and concerns for being eggless-even right in my class!

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Comment by Anne on August 11, 2014 at 5:23am

That's great Sharon that you will have reason why you don't consume dairy any longer. =)

For raw vegan, if organic produce is too pricy to purchase purely organic then try and find local produce. Some good tips are:

o For fruits, find ones with thick skins, since the skin enables the farmers not needing to spray pesticides and if they did, the pesticide is on the skin instead. We have so much Asian fruits that I would say it's quite easy. Fruits like dragon fruits, red-skinned banana, litchi, longan, rambutan, mangosteen, pineapple, and etc.

o There's a group of Asian vegetables, which are well-adopted to the environment and need little to no pesticide. You can ask any elderly which types of veggies and how to look at the vegetables to determine how much pesticides were used. They can explain to you how to look at leaves and stuff, which is quite interesting and helpful.

As to travels to different countries, you should be able to do so without too much trouble. Places like the larger cities have many veggie-friendly restaurants tucked away, so just make sure you do your homework. The smaller towns will be a bit more challenging, but not impossible. =) I like taking my own miniature blender wherever I travel, so I can make cold soups, smoothies, etc. whenever I feel like it. That really helped me out with my food sensitivity/ allergies - I am both lactose intolerant and allergic to egg and meat, so it made sense for me to become vegan.

For vegan options, Spanish food has vegan-friendly tapas (like Zanahorias Aliñadas, which is marinated carrots or different olive ones), Calamares del Campo (which is fried vegetables - it got its name because fried onion and pepper rings looked like fried calarmari so it's a joke of a sort), Gazpacho (which is cold tomato and vegetable puree soup), Espinacas con Garbanzos (is a spinach and chickpea dish), and Croquetas (which is croquette) to name a few. ;) They are also quite easy dishes, so you can try them out to see if you like to incorporate them into your diet too.

Comment by Sharon Ng Huey Yuek on August 11, 2014 at 12:39pm

Thanks Anne! I'll try to look for thick skinned fruits except for pineapple because I might have to finish the entire pineapple in college at one sitting LOL

The Spanish food you mentioned sounds delicious. Not travelling any time soon, probably when I start working and managed to save up enough (hopefully) but I might try making them at home :D


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