So tonight my boyfriend (veggie friendly according to my home cooking but not a vegetarian) decided to make dinner for two other couples whom we are friends with. None of them are vegetarians but one of them doesn't eat gluten products or dairy. So my boyfriend decided to make enchiladas for us according to everyone's dietary preferences. I decided to make a salad for everyone while we were waiting for the main dish to cool down a bit. I earlier argued with my boyfriend that we should make vegan echiladas for everyone but he disagreed. So when it came time to serve the main course I made my plate and added my vegan sour cream, at which point I discovered there was chicken meat in it. I told my boyfriend that it had meat and cheese in it and that he could eat it. Not only did I lose my appetite but I was dissaoointed. He worked so hard putting it all together and I was frustrated that he would put my vegan enchiladas in the same baking dish as the meat ones. :( He apologized and said it was actually the ones in the front of the pan. I still couldn't bring myself to even try to eat them. Our friends felt bad and so did my boyfriend. I ended up eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. All in all I felt awkward and disapointed. Especially because I've made it a point to tell him that I don't want my food anywhere near non vegan food. But he tried.. Anyone else had a similiar situation? What do you do and say? I just hope future situations like this don't happen again. *sigh.. The life of a veggie I guess.

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Comment by Flying on January 9, 2014 at 1:53pm

Next time you make all food and allow your boyfriend to make salad. There will be no mistakes and no awkward situations.

Comment by Kadee Michele on January 9, 2014 at 1:55pm
Seriously!! I see that being the only way to know for sure. I just figured he would have thought to put mine in its own dish. Now I know.


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