For the summers, this drink is super soothing. For few the body temperature is high, by consuming this milk it gets well balanced. This milk also has the power to enhance the inner glow. The face become radiant within a couple of days.

Serves 1 Big pot / 4 to 6 glasses-

Soak 35 to 40 Almonds with skin on in warm water, Overnight.

Full fat Milk or skim milk or 1% or 2% milk - 6 glasses.(Room temperature)

Sugar / any sweetener - 8 to 12tsp (Adjust)

Saffron strands - a few (Soak in 3 tbsp milk)

Method - 

Keep 10 soaked almonds aside. To a blender add the soaked almonds(Remove the peel before adding), sugar and couple of tablespoons of milk. Ground this mixture to a smooth lump less paste. 

In a thick bottom pan, pour the milk and to that add the ground paste. Mix well and let this mixture boil. Once its boiling wait for 10 mins. then put off the flame. Chop/slice the almond which were set aside earlier and add to the ready milk. You can serve it right away by sprinkling the soaked saffron strands.


Let the milk come to room temperature then transfer the mixture to fridge n cool. Serve chilled. You can also add some ice too :)

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